At Obasan, we believe that a good life starts with good nights. And good nights start with a bed that’s organic, handmade, sustainable and always comfortable. That’s no small feat. To achieve that, we are committed to complete transparency about how each and every product gets made. Honesty is our main focus. So go ahead, ask us anything!

Made by People, for People.

Every member of the Obasan team works hard to deliver the handmade products that provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Dedicated to their craft, our vibrant team is a genuine source of pride for us. Meet the incredible people who work tirelessly to make all of your Obasan products with care.

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We Only Work with the Best

We’ve searched the world for partners that share our values. They supply us with the highest quality materials that go into each one of our products.

  • Organic Wool


    The wool we use is sourced from Corriedale Sheep in Argentina. It’s unparalleled ability to absorb moisture will keep you dry and cozy all night long. Our partners use traditional hand-shearing methods that are harmless to animals.

  • Organic Cotton


    Our partners knit and weave raw organic cotton from the Andes into a luxurious fabric that is beautifully cool and soft. On top of being breathable, flexible and durable, it’s organic and sustainable.

  • Organic Rubber


    The rubber that we use comes from Sri Lanka. It’s antimicrobial, resistant to dust mites and breathable. Far more resilient than foam, it relieves pressure and offers you support in order to give you the best sleep imaginable.

  • Sustainable Wood


    Our wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests and is quality controlled to the highest standards. It undergoes no treatment and is assembled without glue, meaning you can sleep knowing you're in tune with nature.

Sleep with Peace of Mind

Every material that we use in our beds is certified organic. And since we’re committed to full transparency, here are all their certifications.

Ask us Anything

Honestly, we’d love to tell you more. If there’s anything you’d like to know, get in touch. We’re always around for a chat.

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