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A Mattress Made For Two, Shouldn’t be Designed for One

We recognize that each sleeping partner is different. That’s why we don’t create a one-size-fits-all mattress. We customize each mattress based on weight distribution, predominant sleeping position, and spinal alignment by using a different firmness of organic rubber in each section, side-to-side, top-to-bottom.

Predominant Sleeping Positions

Your mattress should be perfect for you. One of the most important factors in making sure your mattress is customized to your needs is determining your predominant sleeping position. Simply put, it’s the position that you sleep in for the majority of the night. Everybody has one position that they occupy more than others. Different sleeping positions create different levels of pressure on your mattress.

No Two Sleepers are Alike

Everyone sleeps in their own unique way. We believe that your mattress should be a reflection of that. Each sleeping partner is different, but our mattresses ensure a good night’s sleep for both you and your partner, no matter what your predominant sleeping positions may be.

Sleep Together

A mattress for two shouldn’t be designed for one. Our organic mattresses are customizable to each person’s unique needs. That way, you and your partner can have the perfect sleep solution for your different heights, weights, and predominant sleeping positions without having to compromise.

Customize your Bed

Once we know your predominant sleeping position, height and weight distribution, we can help you choose and customize your mattress. It will help us make sure your sleep solution supports your spine and reduces pressure points. This makes your mattress perfectly customized, just for you.



In the first 12 months, a baby develops faster than at any other stage of life. Our baby products provide optimal spine support and alignment, and are made with breathable materials to help maintain ideal sleep temperature. And our baby products are free of toxins, chemicals and are certified organic.


Obasan sleep products provide correct support for spine alignment which ensures comfort and encourages healthy growth. All Obasan products are made from breathable materials which keep body temperatures within an ideal range. Our products are 100% organic, are free of toxins and chemicals, which result in a natural sleep.

Young Adult

Pursuing peak performance; physically, socially and emotionally requires energy. But for young adults, sleep is not always priority. So, when they do sleep it needs to be of the highest quality.
Our products keep body temperatures within an ideal range and promote sleep. 100% organic, toxins and chemical-free sleep environments result in a natural sleep. Correct support and spine alignment ensures optimal comfort and rest.


From their bodies changing to their minds growing, there are countless reasons why a great sleep and a tailored support is crucial for growing teenagers. Their bodies are changing into adult bodies, which means that the support they require from their bed will differ from a child. The important information they are learning about themselves as well as what they are learning at school requires a sounds night of sleep to ensure all of it is stored in their memories.


The body repairs itself when we sleep, and our mental focus and memory are directly impacted by the quality of sleep we get. The better the sleep athletes get, the better their performance.
Also, since athletes get injuries more than the average person, they require temporary changes in support.


In early adulthood our body density and weight changes. Pressure points along the body shift which means the firmness in the 3 body support zones needs to adjust to provide perfect support and comfort.


There are many changes that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy. Weight, density and temperature changes are continual as sleep becomes even more important. Each of the 3 body support zones on our mattresses can be adjusted to accommodate even temporary changes which means that sleeping well is constant.

Aging well

Our bodies change more significantly as we age, so our mattress must adapt to those changes. Issues such as back pain, changes in sleep patterns, shifts in sleep positions, and body structure require support adjustments to ensure ideal body alignment and full sleep cycles.


Our Products

There are many things that distinguish an Obasan organic mattress from a conventional mattress. One of the most important is the material we use to create our mattresses.

Best Materials in the World

Crafting the best mattresses available is only possible when you have the finest materials. That’s why we’ve travelled the world looking for the highest quality organic cotton, renewable wood, organic rubber, and organic wool for our mattresses and sleep accessories. It’s taken us from South America to Southeast Asian and back to Canada. Every Obasan mattress has taken a trip around the world to be in your bedroom. You’ll know why when you sleep on one.

Peruvian Organic Cotton

Everyone is familiar with the beauty and comfort of cotton, so Obasan uses organic cotton in the majority of its fabrics. It’s soft, it’s durable, and it breathes, meaning our sleep products are exceptionally comfortable. All of Obasan’s cotton comes from Peru, in a region called Cañate, south of Lima and in the foothills of the Andes. This region is famous for the pima cotton, which is a long fibre that lends itself well to weaving and which yields a very fine fabric. Cañate has been cultivating organic cotton under the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) international certification for more than 15 years.
We love the Peruvian business model, because of the added value it brings by keeping the entire manufacturing process in the country. The cotton fibre is harvested by hand to keep it pure, and the ginning, spinning and weaving processes are all done in Peru under strict GOTS certification. We know that by the time the cotton comes to us, it has already undergone everything it needs to ensure its purity and high quality.
The benefits: Void of toxic chemicals inhaled during sleep, breathable, comfortable, soft to the touch, machine washable.

Organic Argentinian Wool

All of our wool comes from Patagonia Corriedale sheep found in the southern part of Argentina. We spent a lot of time researching wool- producing regions, and chose this particular one for many reasons. This remote region has never been cultivated in the modern age, meaning no chemicals or pesticides have ever been used. The sheep roam free 12 months a year, and are gathered only twice yearly for parasite control and for shearing. All of this means the sheep produce a very coarse wool that has more spring and resilience than other wools.
The benefits: Naturally flame-retardant, retains up to 35% of its weight in moisture and remains dry, perfect for insulation. Most importantly, it’s comfortable.

Sri Lankan Organic Rubber

For the support core of Obasan organic mattresses, we use the finest grade A organic rubber. All Obasan rubber is harvested by tapping the milk of Heveabrasiliensis trees in SriLanka and cooked using the dunlop process. The material destabilizes quickly, however, and while some companies use chemicals to avoid this problem, we mold it into sheets on the same day before shipping it back to Canada. Also, organic rubber is excellent for carbon sequestration and is 100% biodegradable.
The benefits: Superior durability and elasticity, retention of shape and firmness, excellent heat and moisture regulation, superior air circulation and dust mite resistant. It is also naturally anti- bacterial and insect-repellent.

Renewable FSC Canadian Wood

When it comes to manufacturing wood and wood by-products, we don’t have to look beyond our borders. Canada is a world-leader and we are fortunate to have at our back door a wealth of products from which to choose. With this in mind, we can afford to be picky, and we are.
Obasan uses a blend of spruce and poplar in our mattress foundations. These two woods are durable and strong, but they are also remarkably lightweight. Wood is a great source of carbon sequestration, and to ensure that we remain environmentally responsible, Obasan uses only FSC wood. FSC — Forestry Stewardship Council — is an international certification and labeling system dedicated to responsibly managing the world’s forests in a way that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial.
The benefits: A natural renewable resource that’s very resilient, durable, great for support, and anti-microbial.


Made by Hand Here

A lot of things have to come together to create the perfect mattress. First we conduct years of research about sleep. Then, we source the finest organic materials from around the world and bring them back to Canada. Finally, our mattresses and sleep accessories are hand crafted in our Ottawa factory by expert craftsmen and women. Their passion and attention to detail ensure all Obasan products are of the highest quality possible.

Tips for Great Sleep

Living a healthy lifestyle, adjusting your sleep environment and understanding how sleep works makes the difference between good and great sleep.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle affects your daily life as much as your time spent asleep. A healthy lifestyle means more than getting regular exercise and eating well. Finding a good work/life balance and keeping stress to a minimum is just as important. It can be harder to fall asleep when you’re not taking care of yourself. Taking steps towards living a healthy life means taking steps towards a better sleep.

Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment has a big impact on how you sleep. Reducing noise, controlling light, adjusting airflow and making your bed comfortable are all ways you can improve your sleep environment to get better sleep.

Reducing Noise

Noise is a deterrent to good sleep. It brings you back to consciousness, which means starting the sleep process all over again. Going from consciousness to deep sleep doesn’t happen right away, which means losing out on the benefits of a full night’s sleep.
Using a fan helps mute noise throughout the night. If you prefer a different option, there are a variety of ways to use white noise that help mask sound you can’t control. Sounds of rain, thunderstorms and waves are commonly used to help mask external noise.

Controlling Light

Humans wake up easily when light enters a room. This is a problem especially when the sun rises earlier in the summer months. Use thick curtains, blackout shades or curtain liners to help control light for months with brighter early mornings.
Light emitted from your smartphone or alarm clock is also a distraction. Keep your smartphone in a different room throughout the night. If you need it nearby, keep the screen side down. As for the alarm clock, keep it out of sight (yet still within reach).


Opening windows and keeping your bedroom door open lets fresh air flow in and out and makes your room less stuffy. Temperature is a personal preference, but keeping your room cool helps you sleep. If you can, turn the air conditioning up before bed. If it’s a windier night, leave the windows open to allow air to flow through. Your body temperature drops when you’re asleep, so make sure you keep extra blankets or a sweater nearby should it get too cold.

Love Your Bed

One of the best things you can do to have a good sleep turns out to be the easiest. Love the room you sleep in. A calm bedroom influences your mood and helps get you ready for sleep. A messy room causes stress, so take a few minutes to make your bed and tidy up. You’ll feel more peaceful as a result. Also, finding comfortable pillows and blankets that look great makes going to bed feel as good as it looks.

Getting ready for bed

Being in the right frame of mind is helpful when trying to sleep. Here are activities to avoid before getting ready for bed.

Using screen-technology

It‘s easy to lose track of time when you’re online, and staring at a bright screen right before bed makes it harder to fall asleep. Laptops, smartphones and tablets stimulate the brain and make it difficult to wind down after putting them away. The same thing applies to watching television. Avoid using screen-technology at least an hour before calling it a night and you’ll have an easier time falling asleep.


Getting exercise is important. Just make sure to stop a few hours before going to bed. Exercise gives you natural energy that doesn’t wear off easily, which is why it can be difficult to fall asleep after a good workout.

Taking a Hot Bath or Shower

A hot bath is a great way to relax. However, overheating impacts your ability to fall asleep. Give yourself a bit of time to cool down before going to bed.


Sometimes, there’s not enough time in the day to finish what you’re working on. It takes time for your brain to turn off after work. Always allow yourself mental downtime between work and sleep.

Eating Too Much

Having a meal before bed isn’t recommended. If you’re hungry, try keeping it to a light snack. Make sure to give yourself time to digest before going to bed. That way, you can fall asleep without the discomfort of a full stomach.

Getting the Kids to Bed

Establishing an evening routine helps make sure your children get the sleep they need. Their routine should be relaxing. It can include a warm bath and listening to gentle music in a peaceful environment. It can also include soft lighting, comfortable accessories (sheets, pillows, comforters) and a mattress that breathes well to prevent overheating throughout the night. This helps calm children down and prepares them for sleep.

How Sleep Works

How Sleep Works

There are two separate aspects to sleep: cycles and stages. Cycles happen throughout the night and are measured in time, whereas stages are the depth with which we experience the cycle we’re in. There are four stages in the sleep process. Each of these stages are vital to living well, as they help rejuvenate our minds and bodies. The stages are Consciousness, Grey Sleep, Deep Sleep, and REM sleep.

What Happens When You Sleep

The body and mind are affected differently throughout the different sleep cycles. The first two cycles have a physical impact and the third is a transition between physical and mental rejuvenation. In the fourth and fifth cycles, the main focus is mental rejuvenation. Cognitive and creative capacities of the mind are replenished and they are the final benefits experienced during sleep.

The First Cycle: From Consciousness to Deep Sleep

Before going to bed, your body temperature lowers. This is usually triggered by the absence or reduction of light. The first cycle begins when you’re still conscious. You then fall into Grey Sleep, followed by Deep Sleep. Most of your time in the first cycle is spent in Deep Sleep, but you also experience episodes of Grey Sleep while transitioning into the full Deep Sleep cycle.

The Second Cycle: Deep Sleep

In the second sleep cycle, you spend most of your time in Deep Sleep, which begins the body rejuvenation process. Brain activity is close to none as the focus is on the body. Cells rejuvenate, muscles repair themselves and the body as a whole is regenerating. There are factors that keep you from reaching Deep Sleep, such as having medication or alcohol in your system. Substances like these make it hard to reach a deep sleep, and the body remains in Grey Sleep. This means missing out on the physical benefits that Deep Sleep offers.

The Third Cycle: Transition

In this cycle, we move back and forth between Deep Sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. In the Transition phase, you go through episodes of Deep Sleep and REM sleep. But most of the time is spent in Grey Sleep. This cycle is where you transition from physical to mental rejuvenation.

The Fourth Cycle: REM Sleep

The fourth cycle is when focus shifts from body to mind. Only vital organs remain active as the rest of the body is nearly paralyzed. This is where brain activity peaks. The mind begins to deal with cognitive information collected throughout the day. Emotions, information and situations are sorted and events are stored in memory. This cycle is the most important for teenagers and young adults attending school. What they learn throughout the day is stored in the mind during REM sleep. This is similar to how hard drives work in computers. You can store, move and remove information. It’s all done subconsciously. Creative people need to make sure they experience the full benefits of REM sleep. Ideas are known to come about during this stage, so it’s important to get a full night’s sleep that takes advantage of the creative capacities of the mind.

The Fifth Cycle: REM Sleep and Waking Up

The fifth cycle is considered a transition stage between being asleep and awake. Most of this cycle is spent dreaming in REM sleep. Natural light triggers the body temperature to rise, which causes us to wake up. In the fifth cycle, it’s common to feel like you’re waking up in the middle of a dream.

What Is Enough Sleep?

You are able to tell when you’re sleep-deprived. Some signs are poor digestion, emotional dullness and oversensitivity. If you’re feeling sleep-deprived, think back on the past few nights. Keep in mind that hours of lost sleep add up. Every hour of lost sleep needs to be made up eventually. This means that it takes more than one night to make up for lost sleep. In fact, it can take several.


Jean's Story

Jean Corriveau learned about the value of good sleep at an early age, when he worked for a family friend’s mattress company. During that time, he discovered the many factors that impact sleep. Motivated from his intial learnings, Jean started his own mattress business in 1985 right after finishing university. He worked tirelessly to learn everything he could and as a result, developed a deep passion for sleep and the benefits it provides.

Since those early days, he has made it his life’s work to research mattress and sleep product design. Jean travelled the world in search of the best materials and suppliers for Obasan mattresses. He continues to revisit each year in order to ensure the utmost quality for your sleep. His mission has, and always will be to create a company and culture that embodies the philosophy: When you sleep well, you live well.