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An inside look at to how we craft world-class products in our Canadian based atelier.

At the Source

We search the Earth for the best quality materials. And that’s all we use.

Quality Materials

Our materials department has got quite the task. Before anything happens, they go through all the materials to make sure that they meet the highest standards of quality before manufacturing begins. It’s a crucial first step in our process.


Next, our master cutter Seyed, who has been with us for over 5 years, makes sure that every piece of material is properly cut to order. Prior to cutting, he and his team measure everything precisely. After the cut, they measure again. This is the kind of thorough quality control that happens at each and every workstation along the way.


Charlene is our quilting whisperer. She knows our machines like no one does. She’s been part of the Obasan team for 12 years. Specific and detail-oriented, her standards are extremely high. Her and her team know that perfect fabric tension and immaculate quilting patterns make for a solid construction that’s flexible enough to contour your body perfectly.


The sewing of the cover is one of the hardest parts of the mattress-making process. Working with natural materials can be tricky. Our incredibly talented master seamstresses take great pride in the wonderful work they accomplish everyday. Logini, our Head Seamstress has been with us for over 6 years and will be for many more to come.

Rubber Layers

Every single layer of rubber that goes into your bed (it can go up to 9!) has been tested to ensure consistency in firmness. Each piece is also measured to ensure proper sizing. This makes for a wonderfully comfortable bed that fits all your requirements.

Cotton Covers

Every layer of rubber is wrapped in a made-to-measure organic cotton cover. These layers are properly covered to keep them protected, ensuring their longevity.

Built-In Quality Control

Every Obasan bed is fully assembled in our workshop to make sure that it’s perfect. With our rigorous process of quality control, we can make sure that everything is impeccable before it makes its way to your bedroom.

Rolled and Packaged

For us at Obasan, it’s important that every step of the process be as gentle to the environment as possible. That’s why we press and roll our products. The smaller the box, the smaller the carbon footprint!