Keep Your Mattress Clean

Made with organic wool or cotton fibres, our mattress protectors shield your mattress from wear and tear as well as the occasional spill.

Starting at $119 CAD

  • Organic Wool

  • Organic cotton

    Organic Cotton

  • Made in Canada

  • Sustainable

  • Breathable and Dry

    A dry sleep means a good sleep. Made from breathable organic materials, our protectors keep you dry the whole night through.

  • Long-Lasting

    Our protectors are made to last and it will in turn make your mattress even more durable. What’s not to like?

  • Healthy and Safe

    Made from the same high quality organic material that we use for our bedding and mattresses, our protectors keep your mattress fresh and clean while providing a healthy sleep environment.

Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protector

Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protector

Starting at $119 CAD
Concerned about spills? The solution is wool. Our Wool Pad Protector is made from 100% pure organic wool which naturally repels liquids, keeping your bed completely clean.
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Organic Cotton Pad Protector

Organic Cotton Pad Protector

Starting at $239 CAD
Our Organic Cotton Pad Protector features a soft, organic cotton knit fabric that ensures cozy comfort while preserving your mattress.
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