The Importance of Customization

A Mattress Made For Two Shouldn’t Be Designed for One

No two people are alike, so why are all mattresses the same on both sides? Our beds our individually tailored to give you and your partner a perfect night’s sleep

Other Mattresses

Other Mattresses

When your mattress is too firm (or too soft), your hips and spine are forced into unnatural positions that create pressure points throughout your torso. This in turn leads to unnecessary back, neck or shoulder pain.



Each one of our mattresses is custom built to the individual needs of your body. Using multiple zones and layers, we deliver distinct levels of support to your shoulders, back and legs. That means the firmness is right for you, every time.

Our Multi Zone System

We’ve spent years studying and crafting a system customized to your individual needs. Made of three layers: a base, six support zones and a top comfort layer, our beds are engineered to give your body the relief it needs to relax.

No two people are the same, so why should all beds be alike? We craft custom made beds thatll give you and your partner the sleep of your dreams.

Your needs change, now your bed can too.

Whether you’re suffering from pain, expecting a newborn, or settling in with a new partner, our modular system lets you adjust your bed to your life’s needs.

Easy zipper access

Easy-zipper access

Unzip your mattress to adjust the configuration and firmness at any time

Varying Feels to Match your Preference

Varying zones that match your body

Distinct rubber cores match your needs and preferences for a perfect night's sleep

An Obasan bed in a stylish room

Who Can Benefit from Custom Comfort

Whether you suffer from body aches or spend restless nights changing sleep positions, our modular mattress system is designed to provide you with the rest and relief your body deserves.

Back Pain

Back Pain

Our independent comfort zones contour your body and provide varying support to your shoulders, hips and spine. This keeps your body aligned throughout the night.

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There are many changes that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy. Weight, density and temperature changes are continual as sleep becomes even more important. Each of the 3 body support zones on our mattresses can be adjusted to accommodate even temporary changes.

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Our Promise to You

We proudly stand by the quality of our products. If you’re not convinced of your purchase, let us know. We’ll make sure you’re sleeping blissfully in no time.

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