There are a lot of reasons why our Acadia mattresses will give you the best sleep of your life. Not only are they handcrafted using the finest organic materials from around the world, they’re also fully customizable from head-to-toe. And they can be adjusted at any point in your life, so your mattress changes with you. This means they suit the body types and predominant sleeping positions of one or two simultaneous sleepers. It also means that you get a restful sleep every single night.

Our fully organic Acadia mattresses are ideal for:
• Couples with different sleeping needs
• Warm sleepers
• Adults of various builds and growing teenagers


Acadia 2.0 – 8” Customizable Rubber MattressAcadia 2.0 – 8” Customizable Rubber Mattress

Acadia 2.0 – 8” Customizable Rubber Mattress

CAD $2,219.00CAD $6,499.00
Acadia 3.0 – 10” Customizable Rubber MattressAcadia 3.0 – 10” Customizable Rubber Mattress
Acadia 4.0 – 12” Customizable Rubber MattressAcadia 4.0 – 12” Customizable Rubber Mattress
Revelstoke – FoundationRevelstoke – Foundation

Revelstoke – Foundation

CAD $510.00CAD $1,700.00