Our Products

There are many things that distinguish an Obasan organic mattress from a conventional mattress. One of the most important is the material we use to create our mattresses.

Best Materials in the World

Crafting the best mattresses available is only possible when you have the finest materials. That’s why we’ve travelled the world looking for the highest quality organic cotton, renewable wood, organic rubber, and organic wool for our mattresses and sleep accessories. It’s taken us from South America to Southeast Asian and back to Canada. Every Obasan mattress has taken a trip around the world to be in your bedroom. You’ll know why when you sleep on one.


Everyone is familiar with the beauty and comfort of cotton, so Obasan uses organic cotton in the majority of its fabrics. It’s soft, it’s durable, and it breathes, meaning our sleep products are exceptionally comfortable. All of Obasan’s cotton comes from Peru, in a region called Cañate, south of Lima and in the foothills of the Andes. This region is famous for the pima cotton, which is a long fibre that lends itself well to weaving and which yields a very fine fabric.Cañate has been cultivating organic cotton under the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) international certification for more than 15 years.

We love the Peruvian business model, because of the added value it brings by keeping the entire manufacturing process in the country. The cotton fibre is harvested by hand to keep it pure, and the ginning, spinning and weaving processes are all done in Peru under strict GOTS certification.

We know that by the time the cotton comes to us, it has already undergone everything it needs to ensure its purity and high quality.

The benefits: Void of toxic chemicals inhaled during sleep, breathable, comfortable, soft to the touch, machine washable.


All of our wool comes from Patagonia Corriedale sheep found in the southern part of Argentina. We spent a lot of time researching wool- producing regions, and chose this particular one for many reasons. This remote region has never been cultivated in the modern age, meaning no chemicals or pesticides have ever been used. The sheep roam free 12 months a year, and are gathered only twice yearly for parasite control and for shearing. All of this means the sheep produce a very coarse wool that has more spring and resilience than other wools.

The benefits: Naturally flame-retardant, retains up to 35% of its weight in moisture and remains dry, perfect for insulation.Most importantly, it’s comfortable.


For the support core of Obasan organic mattresses, we use the finest grade A organic rubber. All Obasan rubber is harvested by tapping the milk of Heveabrasiliensis trees in SriLanka and cooked using the dunlop process. The material destabilizes quickly, however, and while some companies use chemicals to avoid this problem, we mold it into sheets on the same day before shipping it back to Canada. Also, organic rubber is excellent for carbon sequestration and is 100% biodegradable.

The benefits:Superior durability and elasticity, retention of shape and firmness, excellent heat and moisture regulation, superior air circulation and dust mite resistant. It is also naturally anti- bacterial and insect-repellent.


When it comes to manufacturing wood and wood by-products, we don’t have to look beyond our borders. Canada is a world-leader and we are fortunate to have at our back door a wealth of products from which to choose. With this in mind, we can afford to be picky, and we are.

Obasan uses a blend of spruce and poplar in our mattress foundations. These two woods are durable and strong, but they are also remarkably lightweight. Wood is a great source of carbon sequestration, and to ensure that we remain environmentally responsible, Obasan uses only FSC wood. FSC — Forestry Stewardship Council — is an international certification and labeling system dedicated to responsibly managing the world’s forests in a way that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial.

The benefits: Superior durability and elasticity, retention of shape and firmness, excellent heat and moisture regulation, superior air circulation and dust mite resistant. It’s a natural renewable resource that’s very resilient, great for support, and anti-microbial.