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now-hiring-operations-managerJob description

Position: Operations Manager

Main Responsibilities:


  • Overseeing the production and quality of all products.
  • Ensuring workload is distributed amongst the team members and coordinating transfers of resources amongst the stations based on priorities.
  • Ensuring that tools, equipment, facilities and other resources are available to the personnel.
  • Maintain appropriate staffing levels by regular analysis of demand. Conduct appropriate hiring and lay offs to adjust staffing levels accordingly.
  • Conduct ongoing and annual performance reviews. Set individual objectives aligned with departmental goals and overall strategic objectives.
  • Establish regular training and mentoring plans for the group and provide or arrange individual coaching where necessary.
  • Monitor and manage overall employee performance including: technical quality, cost awareness, social interaction, effectiveness and attendance.
  • Propose necessary capital investment items with proper financial justification and implement the procurement within budget and on time to support ongoing operations.
  • Manage and optimize floor plan and production flow efficiency.

Systems & Processes:

  • Create and maintain product safety and quality control standards.
  • Create and maintain raw material quality control standards.
  • Develop and maintain all operation standards and processes. Ensure application of these standards by the staff in order to improve efficiency and maintain quality.
  • Create, maintain and promote health and safety procedures.
  • Create and maintain machinery operation plan.
  • Create and maintain repair and preventive maintenance plan for each piece of equipment.
  • Create and maintain production and procurement systems (demand planning, inventory management Creating and updating of build of materials, etc.).
  • Create and update supplier strategy (supplier A, B, C).

Supply Chain management:

  • Manage ordering of all goods and raw materials pertaining to the production and manufacture facilities.
  • Manage & Control inventory levels.


  • Experience managing team of 10 to 30 people with direct report
  • Good Balance of Business, Technical and People skills
  • Dynamic, Proactive and Sales Driven
  • Experience in quality control Management
  • Understanding of MRP logic (Knowledge of Netsuite or similar ERP)
  • Experience in lean manufacturing
  • Bilingual an asset 

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