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We spend 30% of our lives in bed. There aren’t many products we buy that get that amount of use, yet many people still don’t feel the need to invest in the right mattress.

Your body relies on getting 6-10 hours of quality sleep to recharge for the next day, and the quality of the sleep you get is dependent on the quality of your mattress. So, let’s start thinking about what we’re sleeping on and think about investing in our own personal health.

Think about it this way: On average, we spend about 3.3% of our year driving a car. The average price of a new car in 2015 was $33,560*. All of that for something that is likely to be in your driveway for 4 or 5 years.

We know that we spend over a third of the year in bed, and we tend to keep our mattresses for about 10 years. However, mattresses still get less consideration than a car, which is something you’ll spend so much less time in.

If we break down the numbers, you’re looking at roughly $4,000-$6,000 for a high quality organic mattress that will last for 10 years. That means you’re paying $400-$600 a year. Most of us are willing to pay 10x more per year for a car that we use 10x less.

So that’s $400-$600 per year for a quality sleep which positively impacts every aspect of your life. Health, relationships, career, everything.

So what’s the solution? In the words of Arianna Huffington, it’s time for a Sleep Revolution! We are responsible for our overall health. And that begins with making sure we’re getting a good night’s sleep.