Care Instructions – Mattress

Congratulation on the purchase of your new Obasan mattress, it will change the way you sleep. The first week or two will be an adjustment period. Like a new pair of shoes, the mattress needs to be broken-in. The covers will loosen a little bit, and your body and mattress will work together. We recommend not moving any layers inside the mattress during the first 30 nights of trial. After 30 nights, if a persistent discomfort comes back night after night, please call us or chat with us to discuss the issues. We can make an exchange of layers within the first 90 days.  For further details on the Obasan comfort guarantee, please visit our warranty page.  Enjoy your new Obasan mattress! We know you will love it!

ACADIA 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 & FUNDY**

Warranty terms: 20 years

  • Make sure the rubber cores are correctly placed inside the cover. (See Assembly video on Mattress Assembly Page)
  • Place your mattress on a Revelstoke foundation or an equivalent solid wood slat base. Slats should measure between 1-4 inches wide and be at a maximum of 3 inches appart. All Double, Queen, King and Cal. King mattresses should have a middle support, to ensure proper support of the wood slats.  Consult with your sleep specialist if you are not sure about the support of your current foundation.
  • Do not install mattress directly on the floor, or on a platform.
  • Protect your mattress with a nahanni mattress protector or with an equivalent mattress protector.
  • Do not allow the mattress to get wet.
  • Do no wash the mattress.
  • For spot cleaning, unzip the outer cover of the mattress and gently scrub with a light soap and very little water. Air dry.
  • Removable cover can be aired out seasonally.
  • Do not place mattress in direct sunlight or direct heat source.
  • Flip the inner cores to extend the lifespan of your mattress. (For Fundy mattresses, flip the whole mattress since it is reversible.)
  • Mattress casing can be environmentally dry clean if needed. Obasan is not responsible for the outcome of dry cleaning the cover.

**FUNDY mattresses have a warranty of 10 years, non-prorated


Warranty terms: 20 years*

  • Make sure that all legs provided are used to support the foundation correctly. If you don’t use the legs, make sure that the foundation is on a sturdy bed frame with a centre support for double/queen and king mattress sets.
  • Do not install the foundation without legs directly on the floor.
  • Do not allow the foundation to get wet.
  • Do not stand or jump on the foundation.
  • If needed, spot clean with a light soap and use very little water