Sleep Well. Live Well.

A good night’s sleep lasts much longer than just the time you’re in bed. The affects of it can be felt throughout the day. Getting regular, uninterrupted sleep has been proven to help relieve stress, improve cognitive skills, and contribute to a long, healthy life. So, when we say Sleep well. Live well.  We mean it.

Obasan Team


Director of Marketing and Operations
Obasan employee since 2000


Quilting Machine Operator
Obasan employee since 2007


Master Mattress Assembler
Obasan employee since 1993


Sleep Specialist
Obasan employee since 2011


Quilting Machine Operator
Obasan employee since 2007

Darlie John

Sleep Specialist
Obasan employee since 2013


Warehouse Keeper, Shipper/Receiver
Obasan employee since 2002


Obasan employee since 1985


Director of Business Development
Obasan employee since 2002


Accessory Seamstress
Obasan employee since 2012


Master Machine Cutter
Obasan employee since 2013


Production and Procurement Manager
Obasan employee since 2006

Our Commitment

JeanAt Obasan, customization is at the centre of everything we do. We’re committed to creating organic mattresses that are customizable head-to-toe and side-to-side so you and your partner can have the perfect sleep solution for your different heights, weights, and predominant sleep positions. We craft pillows that vary in firmness and are covered in different materials on each side so you’re be comfortable whether it’s summer or winter. And we design comforters that can be attached together for the perfect amount of warmth no matter what temperature it is outside.

Our Customers Speak

Fogo Island

Fogo Island Inn opened its doors in the spring of 2013. Since that time, we have welcomed guests from around the world and have been recognized as an innovative and unique world-class travel destination. In countless publications, television documentaries, and travel review sites, the Inn has been praised for its outstanding architectural design, its one-of-a-kind community host program and its commitment to investing in the future of the communities on Fogo Island.

Fogo Island Inn is a one-of-a-kind, contemporary Inn furnished with quiet luxuries. Designed by architect that has emerged on the island. The Inn’s architecture is with its founding principles, the Inn supports the local economy. All 29 suites contain locally produced furniture and décor. Local residents have handcrafted all items – from the quilts to the chairs and wallpaper patterns. Our relationship with Obasan has proven to be a very good fit. Obasan’s goal to develop sustainable relationships that benefit local economies while accessing the finest raw materials are in line with our goals.

Many travellers are seeking more these days. They want to know that they are contributing to fair and just practices in every aspect of the travel experience; from the food served, to the furnishings utilized, and to the larger social context of the place they are visiting. However, at the end of the day, they also expect a good night’s rest in a quality bed. All suites feature custom- made, organic, natural fibre king beds made by Obasan. Time and again, guests have been happy to share their thoughts about the outstanding quality of the beds. A was difficult to leave the comfort of their room.

It’s been an incredible journey thus far. 2014 was a big year for us with notable awards, events and many returning visitors. 2015 promises to be even better. We look forward to a continued relationship with Obasan.

* Please note: all Fogo Island Inn image were taken by Alex Fradkin

Fogo Island Inn Organic Mattress