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All of our Obasan organic pillows are made with comfort and ergonomics in mind. They are not only the most comfortable bedding accessories available, but they are also free of any harsh chemicals. The firmness and feel is fully adjustable to make any of our pillows perfect for you.

Our all-natural Saguenay pillows are ideal for:

• Side, stomach and back sleepers
• Warm sleepers
• Proper support

Choose a pillow from our Saguenay collection today and find the perfect sleeping solution.

  • Saguenay 1.0 – Organic Wool Pillow

    CAD $159.00CAD $179.00
  • Saguenay 2.0 – Shredded Organic Rubber Pillow

    CAD $159.00CAD $179.00
  • Saguenay 4.0 – Contour Organic Shredded Rubber Pillow

    CAD $209.00CAD $229.00
  • Saguenay 5.0 – Organic Shredded Rubber and Organic Wool Pillow

    CAD $199.00CAD $219.00
  • Terra Nova 5.0 – Organic Wool Infant Pillow

    CAD $79.00
  • Terra Nova 6.0 – Organic Rubber Infant Pillow

    CAD $79.00