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A good night’s sleep can have a significant positive effect on your child’s development.That’s why we designed our Fundy series using the same high quality organic materials as our Acadia series. So your child has the best chance to succeed in the classroom and everywhere else.

The Fundy fully organic childrens mattress is ideal for:
• Children of different heights
• Children who require top of the line temperature control
• Recommended for children

  • Fundy 1.0 – 6’’ Organic Rubber Mattress

    CAD $1,099.00CAD $3,499.00
  • Nahanni 4.0 – Wool moisture pad protector

    CAD $199.00CAD $395.00
  • Nahanni 6.0 – Organic Cotton pad protector

    CAD $219.00CAD $439.00
  • Revelstoke – Foundation

    CAD $510.00CAD $1,700.00